April 1, 2023

2022 ISSF World Championships, USA Shooters win 19 medals and 5 Olympic Quotas

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Athletes competing for USA Shooting at the shotgun and rifle events at the 2022 ISSF World Championships held this fall took home a combined total of 19 medals and five spots on the United States Olympic team.

The 2022 ISSF World Championship and two championships took place in Croatia and Egypt respectively in September and October of this past year.


During the 2022 ISSF World Championship, which took place from September 19 to October 12 in Osijek, Croatia, competitors from Team USA shotgun brought home nine medals and three Olympic quotas for the United States.

Benjamin Keller came out on top in the Junior Men’s Skeet competition, while Derrick Mein took home the gold in the Men’s Trap competition. Both men earned spots on the United States Olympic team. Sam Simonton, Dania Vizzi, and Austen Smith are the members of the Women’s Skeet team, and they won the World Championship thanks to their first-place performance. Benjamin Keller, Aidin Burns, and Jordan Sapp of the Junior Men’s Skeet team took home the fourth and final gold medal of the competition.

The United States of America was awarded a spot in the Men’s Skeet event thanks to Vincent Hancock, who finished in second place and won a silver medal. In the competition for men’s skateboard teams, Hancock, along with Dustan Taylor and Christian Elliot, finished in second place, earning them a spot on the podium. In addition, the Junior Women’s Skeet Team of Alishia “Fayth” Layne, Julia Nelson, and Mikena “Grace” Fulton came away with the silver medal in their competition.

After coming in third place overall in the competition, Sam Simonton was awarded a spot on the United States Olympic team in the women’s skeet event. Next, Matthew Kutz, Emilio Carvalho, and Lance Thompson competed in the Junior Men’s Trap Team event and won home bronze medals.


At the 2022 ISSF World Championship, held in Cairo, Egypt from October 12th to the 28th, athletes from the United States brought home ten medals and two Olympic quota spots.

Alison Weisz’s performance in the women’s 10m air rifle competition won the United States of America a spot on the Olympic team and earned her the title of world champion. Sagen Maddalena and Ivan Roe also carried the coveted gold medal back with them after competing in the Mixed Team 50m Prone Rifle event. After finishing in fourth place in the competition, Maddalena earned a spot on the United States Olympic team in the women’s 50-meter rifle event for the 3-position.

The team consisting of Rylan Kissell, Braden Peiser, and Gavin Barnick triumphed in the Junior Men’s 50-Meter Rifle 3-Position competition to take home the third and final gold medal.

Another American team of three competitors, consisting of Mary Tucker, Alison Weisz, and Sagen Maddalena, took home the silver medal in the women’s team 10m air rifle competition.

Mary Tucker also competed in the women’s 50-meter prone rifle event and received a bronze medal there. Griffin Lake came away with a bronze medal after competing in the junior men’s 50-meter rifle three-position event.

Katie Zaun and Rylan Kissell finished in third place in the Junior Mixed Team 50m Rifle Prone competition and the Junior Mixed Team 50m Rifle 3-Position competition, respectively, to win a pair of bronze medals.

Additionally, Scott Rockett, Benjamin Salas, and Rylan Kissell achieved a third-place finish in the Junior Men’s 10m Air Rifle Team competition.

Tim Sherry finished in third position overall when it came to the 300-meter standard rifle open competition.


The competitors from the United States who competed in 2022 ISSF World Championship pistol had remarkable finishes as well. In the Junior Women’s 10m Air Pistol event, the team consisting of Suman Sanghera, Ada Korkhin, and Annabell Yi finished in fourth place overall, and in the Junior Women’s 25m Pistol event, the team consisting of Abbie Leverett, Ada Korkhin, and Katherine Ahn came in sixth place overall.

The next competition for the United States of America Shooting Association will be the 2022 ISSF World Shooting Para Sport World Championships, which will take place in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, between November 3 and November 18.

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