April 1, 2023

Ali Weisz Has Qualified For The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

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Ali Weisz, a native of Belgrade who serves as a soldier in the United States Army, is continuing his adventure.

Ali Weisz made strides to become better and more focused after finishing in 14th place in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. As a result of his impressive performance, he was awarded the gold medal and the title of world champion at the 2022 International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) Rifle & Pistol World Championships, which were held in Cairo, Egypt this past October. This enabled him to qualify once again for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Even if she did not perform up to her usual standards in the shooting competition at the Tokyo Olympics, the experience and the consolation of knowing that she gave it literally her best shot was sufficient to satisfy her.

Ali Weisz reflected on her very first Olympic experience by saying, “I had such a good experience, even on the line, competing where, when I walked off the line like shot my last shot, put my gun down, I knew that I gave it everything I had that day.” “I had such a good experience, even on the line, competing where, when I walked off the line like shot my last shot, put my gun down, I knew that I gave

The fact that she was eliminated in the round of eight and, eventually, the medal round served as a source of motivation for her to continue competing in other events.

Ali Weisz went up to the line in October of this past year at the ISSF world championship and Olympic qualifier, where she won the gold medal in the women’s 10m air rifle competition with a and the silver medal in the women’s team 10mr air rifle competition. This was yet another enormous stage for Weisz. Both of her finishes were good enough to earn her an Olympic quota spot.

Ali Weisz stated that she had no doubts about her ability to win the individual medal. “As far as the individual medal goes, I felt I was capable of it,” she remarked. “I’ve been working really hard in my training all year, kind of concentrating on the things that I was maybe missing just a little bit in Tokyo,” I said. “I’ve been extremely happy with the results.”

It may appear that the team part is the same as any individual event, with the only difference being that the scores are totalled up to generate a team score; yet, for Weisz, it is a difficult event because the adjustment in mentality that is required to score well makes it difficult.

“I’m still just shooting a score like I normally would, but now sort of that mentality of our scores are coming together,” he explained. It is not only important for me, but also for them, how I shoot, because it has an affect on them.

On November 4th, Ali Weisz and the rest of her United States Army Markmanship unit, along with other Team USA hopefuls, will travel to Lima, Peru to compete in yet another Olympic qualifier.

At the World Championships, United States rifle competitors won a total of ten medals and earned two spots for the Olympic team.

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Ali Weisz