April 1, 2023

Amman Is Scheduled To Host the Asian Boxing Championships

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The first bouts of the Asian Women’s and Men’s Elite Boxing Championships, which are being hosted by the Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) and taking place in Jordan’s capital city of Amman, are scheduled to begin tomorrow.

The event will include more than 300 fighters from 30 different countries.

The competition will feature 13 weight categories for male athletes, which will be competed for by 211 athletes, and 12 weight categories for female athletes, which will have 109 competitors.

At the Asian Championships held in Dubai the year before, Kazakhstan dominated the women’s competition, taking first place in eight of the competition’s 12 different events. This helped them earn the top spot on the medals table.

Since taking home the bronze in the men’s flyweight division at the most recent iteration of the continental competition, Saken Bibossinov has gone on to win a bronze medal at the Olympics and a gold medal at the World Championships. His presence on their team is a significant factor in their success.

In addition to Sitora Turdibekova’s victory in the women’s featherweight division, Uzbekistan brought home six gold medals from the men’s competitions at the World Championships that were held in 2017.

There were also competitors from Mongolia and India placed on the top three spots on the podium.

Beginning tomorrow and continuing through Friday (November 4), the preliminary rounds of the competition are scheduled to take place. The competition is scheduled to come to a close with the finals for the women on November 11 and the finals for the men on November 12.

The competition counts toward the new ranking system of the International Boxing Association (IBA), which awards 1,200 points to the winner of the gold medal, 900 points to the winner of the silver medal, and 700 points to the winner of the bronze medal.

In addition, participants in the round of 32 are eligible for points, which are awarded at staggered intervals all the way up to a maximum of 50.

Boxers gain 25 points for each individual battle they compete in.

The Jordan Amateur Boxing Association and the ASBC co-organized a 15-day elite training camp in Amman before to the Asian Championships. The camp was followed by the Asian Championships.

In 2013, the city of Amman played host to the Men’s Asian Championships. Kazakhstan ended up winning seven of the available ten gold medals.

The ASBC Extraordinary Congress was held in Amman, the capital of Jordan, in March of this year. Pichai Chunhavajira of Thailand was chosen to lead the organization after being elected there as president.

Although it comes at a moment of uncertainty for the organization, this is his first ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships as the head of the organization. This comes after the Olympic Council of Asia ruled out any sort of role for it at next year’s delayed Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

Given the International Olympic Committee’s continued issue with governance at the International Boxing Association (IBA), it is unclear whether boxing will continue to be included in the Olympic Games after Los Angeles 2028.

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